Introduction Into Re-validation

From April 2016, the government have issued a new law stating all nurses in the UK will need to renew their registration with the NMC. This is to prove that nurses who are currently still practising, have the capabilities and the skill set to perform their duties effectively. Practical Staffing has a specialist team in place acting as an external confirmation, to help complete the tasks provided by the NMC. Please view our website and click on ‘Re-validation’ for more information.

The Renewal Form will Include

Creating an online NMC account

  • Creating a portfolio
  • Logging Practice Hours

Recording Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Collecting Feedback on Practice


Reflective Discussion


Details on the NMC Re-validation

The link below will take you to the re-validation registration. This website will play a fundamental part in the completion of your report.

  • View registration status
  • Submit your revalidation application
  • Find out your renewal date
  • Apply for readmission
  • Update contact & address information
  • View & print a statement of entry
  • Submit your Notification of Practice (NoP) online
  • Pay your annual retention or renewal fees
  • Set up a direct debit for your annual fee payment
  • Provide equality & diversity information
  • Provide information on place of employment

Logging Practice Hours

You may be required to show proof of the following:

  • Work Setting
  • Scope of practice
  • The number of hours you completed
  • Details of the organisations (e.g address & name)
  • Dates of employment practice
  • Evidence of the practice hours you took on (e.g time sheets, role profiles and job specifications)

All of the above MUST be recorded descriptively in order for the application process to run thoroughly.

When documenting your practice hours, it is vital to show 450 working hours over the course of three years prior to the renewal of your registration. The NMC have affirmed that on the off chance that you haven’t polished the required number of hours in the three years preceding the date of your application for recharging of your enrolment, you should effectively finish a fitting and return to the practice program endorsed by the NMC before the date of your application for reestablishment of enlistment.

Please Click on the link below if this applies to you:

Practice Related Feedback

You should introduce no less than five bits of practice related criticism. The criticism can be casual/formal, composed or verbal and from various sources including patients, administration clients, understudies and partners. On the off chance that you do get rehearse related input from a patient, please recall to get their assent first and anonymise the substance. You can gather criticism taking into account your individual execution or on your group, unit, ward or association’s execution. Be that as it may, you should be sure about how this has particularly affected your individual execution.

Format of feedback collected:

Input can be documented verbally or composed, formal or casual. It could be from associates in administration, on gathering, office organisation, or kindred educators and scholastics. Viable Staffing time sheets have been planned particularly to empower you to gather input in light of your individual execution.

Reflections and Feedback

You should record at least five composed reflections and discourses identifying with the Code, your CPD and practice related criticism.

You should have an expert advancement discourse with another NMC enlisted medical nurse and cover your appearance identifying with the above. You MUST utilise either the NMC Reflective records frame layout additionally accessible in the Practical Staffing Revalidation Template Pack or the RCNi format to archive your composed reflections for revalidation purposes.

The NMC enrolled attendant is required to record their NMC Pin, email, proficient address, and postcode, and additionally the date you had the dialog. While this dialog can frame some portion of your more extensive affirmation exchange, it is not the same as getting affirmation. On the off chance that you hope to get direction with Practical Staffing, you will be given a Reflective Discussion Partner. To book your Reflective Discussion Appointment simply email us at

Health & Character Declaration

You must provide a Health and Character Declaration and declare if you have been convicted of any criminal offence or issued with a formal caution. When making these declarations, please refer to the following NMC links:

Professional Indemnity Arrangement

You should pronounce that you have, or will have when honing or fitting cover under a reimbursement course of action. By law, you should have set up a proper repayment game plan keeping in mind the end goal to hone and give mind. While the course of action should not be separately held by you, it is your obligation to guarantee that fitting cover is in drive. If it’s not too much trouble allude to the accompanying NMC connect when making this presentation:

Please note: If you do not have the appropriate indemnity cover, you will be removed from the NMC register and will be unable to practice as a nurse.

Confirmation from a third-party – Practical Staffing

Your external confirmation will be provided somebody who is thought to be your line supervisor, who doesn’t have to be NMC enlisted. Be that as it may, to give the most ideal backing to our Nurses external confirmation at Practical Staffing will be conducted by people who are NMC enrolled. Your confirmation will check the assertions inside of your application in an eye to eye meeting and you will need to show that you have met the majority of the re-validation prerequisites before they can sign and date the affirmation frame.

The NMC prescribe that you get your affirmation amid the last 12 months of the three-year enlistment period to guarantee that it is later. On the off chance that your affirmation is delivered before, you might be asked to clarify for what good reason. It’s possible that your external confirmation will likewise direct your yearly evaluations, that way you can stay up to date with the majority of your re-validation planning. On the off chance that you work with Practical Staffing on a full time or consistent premise, you will be offered access to a Practical Staffing external confirmation for your outsider affirmation.

Revalidation Application Process

The NMC will inform you no less than 60 days before your application for re-validation is expected. You will then have 60 days to sign onto NMC Online and finish the re-validation application frame. If it’s not too much trouble, ensure that right now, you have the majority of your re-validation proof gathered and prepared to submit.


Failing to Submit Application for Re-validation

On the off chance that you don’t present your re-validation application in time your enlistment will slip. This implies that it will be illicit for you to rehearse as a medical caretaker. To return onto the enroll you will need to apply for readmission which could take up to six weeks. In the event that you present your re-validation application in time however it is rejected in light of the fact that you have neglected to meet your re-validation prerequisites, you can request this choice inside of 28 days of the date on your choice letter.

Other Requirements (If one does not meet the criteria)

The NMC have extraordinary plans set up for nurses and birthing assistants who can’t meet the re-validation prerequisites as an aftereffect of outstanding circumstances. By uncommon circumstances they imply that you have not been by and by for adequate time between October 2015 when the re-validation direction was distributed and your re-validation application date(for illustration, on the off chance that you have been on maternity leave or debilitated leave) to meet the extra necessities, or you can’t meet one or a greater amount of the prerequisites whenever on the grounds that an ensured trademark under the Equality Act may apply.

If you are able to establish that exceptional circumstances apply in your case, you will still need to meet the Prep requirements for renewal.

Please see NMC guidance sheet on exceptional circumstances for further information at

Extension to Submit Re-validation Application

The NMC have said they will not usually consider any requests for extensions to submit a re-validation application. You should have met the requirements during the three years prior to the renewal of your registration. However, if you believe that you have a good reason as to why you cannot submit your re-validation application by the specified date, you must contact the NMC as far in advance of your re-validation application date as possible to discuss your situation.

The NMC state in their guidance that they are only able to grant an extension prior to the date your registration is due to lapse. Any extensions will only be granted for a period of up to six weeks. In granting an extension, the NMC will take into account:

  • Whether you have contacted the NMC in advance of the date your re-validation application is due;
  • The reason why you cannot submit your re-validation application by the specified date;
  • Whether you are capable of completing the outstanding re-validation requirements and submitting your application within the additional period of time;
  • Whether there are any concerns about your fitness to practice, and whether the annual fee has been or will be paid by the required date.
  • Any extension the NMC agree in relation to your re-validation application would not include an extension to the date on which your annual fee is due to be paid.

There is a step-by-step guide to registering online:

Paying Renewal Fee

As part of your re-validation application, you will need to pay your renewal fee. Here is a guidance document on how to pay your renewal fee:

Important Changes to Lapsed NMC Registration

New Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) rules come into force last year – from November 2015 anyone who allows their registration to lapse will be taken off the register immediately.

Knowing the Registration Date

Please ensure that you know your re-register date and are planning ahead. It is illegal for you to continue working if you are not on the NMC register and it could result in getting suspended from work. Also note that readmission to the register can take a minimum of between two to six weeks, meaning that you will not be paid for this period.

View the ‘How to set up your NMC Online account’ document here if you don’t already have an account.

If you do have an NMC account, log-in today to check your registration status and renewal date.

Help & Support

Practical Staffing are here to support ALL nurses throughout this process, we understand it can be a difficult situation when handling this. We can guide you throughout the entire application and give you a one-to-one experience so there will not be a chance of confusion. The NMC have revealed a revalidation form we supported on a step-by-step process, on their website as an example to how the application should look.