Paediatric Nurse

For the past 30 years, Practical Nursing has placed specialist paediatric nurses into hundreds of settings – treating thousands of young patients along the way. Our highly trained paediatric nurses provide quality care to children of all ages whether they’re receiving treatment at home or within a medical facility.

With a staff list comprised of some of the nation’s very best paediatric nurses, we provide an adaptable service in support of NHS trusts, private facilities, and in the homes of patients throughout England, Wales, and Scotland.

Our Paediatric Nursing Services

Practical Nursing is a leading provider of expert paediatric nurses to facilities across the UK. Backed by years of experience and training, our nurses offer a compassionate service that puts young patients at ease during treatment for a complete range of conditions.

Expert paediatric nurses – all of our nurses are backed by years of experience across a range of healthcare placements, and each has extensive training in paediatric medicine. We consider quality healthcare to be of the utmost importance and make sure that all children are kept safe, comfortable, and as healthy as possible when under the care of our team.

Caring for children with disabilities our specialist paediatric nursing team is proud to offer support to children with chronic conditions, special healthcare needs, and disabilities. We don’t believe that persistent illness has to have a marked effect on a young person’s life, and we work hard to protect our patient’s independence and prospects for the future.

Paediatric respite care – caring for a young person can be tough, but our paediatric respite care packages offer a welcome reprieve to parents, carers and family members. Through calm and carefully considered bespoke packages, we give parents the confidence they need to get some rest while their child is sympathetically supported by our team.

Why Choose Practical Nursing?

  • For over 30 years, Practical Nursing has been serving the medical community by providing the highest quality paediatric nursing staff to assist NHS departments, private facilities, and individual clients.
  • Our paediatric nurses have extensive training in caring for children and are deeply passionate about providing the best possible outcomes for all young people. Our complete roster of nurses boasts Nursing & Midwifery Council registration and every staff member has undergone enhanced Disclosure checks (DBS).
  • At Practical Nursing, we believe that all children deserve the best start in life. From chronic illness and disability to minor injuries and unexpected illnesses, we work with medical professionals across all settings to protect the wellbeing of the next generation.

Paediatric Nursing Jobs

We are constantly seeking to grow our team of specialist paediatric nurses, and accept prospective applications from highly skilled candidates with a passion for quality care and a commitment to safeguarding. With incredibly competitive rates of pay and a variety of other great benefits, our team is made up of some of the UK’s finest paediatric professionals.

Contact us today to continue your journey of professional development as part of the UK’s most supportive nursing agency network.